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I am Chess Atom

This is a one stop website built to archive my chess experiences with the Idaho Chess Association and beyond.

What’s the best move?
Marauder1021 (1722) v. Adam (1399)

GM Timur Garyev, 2017

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2021 Idaho Chess Hall of Fame

Last year there were no nominees for the Idaho Chess Hall of Fame and this year we have the pleasure of honoring Alise Byer Pemsler of Eagle, Idaho. The ICA Hall of Fame tournament featured a coffee and cake social to celebrate her induction and was presented to her by ICA Treasurer, Jeff Price. Nineteen…

Two players win Summer Classic

The first ICA West over-the-board tournament commenced on July 17 and 22 players from the West Region competed in four rounds G/30; d5 games at the Nampa Public Library. I drove all the way from Coeur d’ Alene to help future ICA Tournament Director, Jeff Price, learn the ropes of running tournaments. We will be…

2021 North Idaho Championship

In 2019, Michael Cambareri of Coeur d’ Alene (2032) won the first North Idaho Championship and he defended his title against 14 competitors in the second offering, but succumbed to Kenneth Erickson (1846) of Athol, Idaho in the final game of the four round tournament held in the Coeur d’ Alene City Park. The time…

ICA Tournaments

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